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Please contact X-PAT directly, for assistance with forms and selecting the most appropriate Class or Workshop for your needs.

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X-PAT = small  class sizes = more attention

Services offered in Singapore & Malaysia

www. X-PAT .org

Phone: (+65) 686 22 861 or 9667 6151 [Singapore]

(+60) 11 2674 3448 [ Johor Bahru]

X-PAT Consultancy



Our Brochure

Our Latest Teaching Schedule (.pdf)

Our Latest Teaching Schedule (.docx)

Our Latest Poster (.pdf)


Class Overviews


11 week English                     Primary Grammar Class


11 week English                Secondary Grammar Class


11 week English                                   Nursery Class


11 week English                       World Explorer Class


6 week English                   IELTS Preparation Class


11 week English                    Upper Elementary Class


11 week English                           Intermediate Class


11 week English                Upper Intermediate Class


11 week English                    Strictly Grammar Class


11 week English                  WRITING RIGHT! Class


Ongoing . . .                            Business English Class


1 day IELTS                 Exam Preparation Workshop


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X-PAT Brochure

X-PAT Schedule

X-PAT Schedule

X-PAT Poster