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Executive ENGLISH Education {E-E-E},
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We have many years experience in helping non-native English speaking executives improve their Business English skills.  For the busy executive, the best results are often achieved by private tuition (1 — 1) or small groups (2 or 3 people), concentrating on Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.  We can also help with additional specific tasks to ensure correct English usage:

  ie:   Projects, Reports, Brochures, Articles & Emails,

     General Proofreading & Presentations (especially PowerPoint).


Executives decide when, where and how much time they want to spend studying English.

We arrange a ‘qualified native speaker trainer to assist them.

In consultation with X-PAT Management, the most appropriate syllabus for your executive will be chosen and their progress is monitored.

With X-PAT there are no administration fees: you only pay for teaching time and materials.


Please circulate this information to your associates who may be interested in our services.

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X-PAT = small  class sizes = more attention

Services offered in SINGAPORE & ON-LINE

www. X-PAT .org

Phone: (+65) 686 22 861 or

(+65) 9667 6151 [Singapore]

X-PAT Consultancy


Study English at your own speed: need help proof-reading a Presentation, Speech or Report?

At our office:                                                                                                                                            

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90    (minutes)    110

          $ 10                $ 200

       $ 200                $ 250

        $ 110                $ 10